Do you love Tamales?

Maybe you have been a fan your whole life, or maybe,  you just discovered these steamed-wrapped marvels and want to know more about them. Regardless of how long you have know about tamales, they are simply awesome and you have come to the right place to learn more. World of Tamales is dedicated to spreading the love and flavors of tamales from all over the world.

A staple of Mexican Cuisine, tamales are usually associated with special occasions such as christmas or easter. However, many people don’t know that tamales are also very popular in many Latin American countries where they take on different names and use different ingredients and flavors. When you take into account the many variations on Masas (doughs), Rellenos (Fillings) and wraps, the possibilities for tamales recipes are (almost) endless.

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Ready to take the plunge and learn how you can make tamales from the comfort of you own home? Here are 3 articles that every tamale rookie should read.

Every successful journey begins with a good understanding of whats ahead. This Introduction to Tamales article provides most of the necessary background information to prepare you for your tamale journey ahead.

When it comes to making delicious tamales, it all starts with a good masa. There are many different types of masas, some of which are perfect for savory earthy flavors, while others are perfect for seafood. Read along to find out more.

If masa is the base of a good tamal, then the filling (relleno) is the icing on the cake. Read along to learn more about fillings, what they are, how to combine them and a quick flavor guideline for coming up with your own fillings.

Tamales Recipes

Over the years, we have accumulated many delicious tamales recipes which we know you will enjoy. Lets be bold and have some fun together with your family members by making some of these delicious traditional (and non-traditional) recipes.

Featured Tamal

Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Tamal

Desserts are awesome, and dessert tamales do not fall behind. Most people tend to associate tamales with only savory flavors, but the truth is that dessert tamales are quite popular. Here is one of our favorite dessert tamales of all time.

Tamales F.A.Q

Do not despair, where there is a will there is a way and we have a way.  These days, Mexican cuisine has grown in popularity, so you should be able to find most ingredients such as corn husk leaves on most large supermarkets such as Ralphs, Albertsons, etc. Additionally, you can buy a lot of these ingredients on amazon or from our e-store.

The one ingredient which most of these places for certain will not carry is fresh unprepared masa,  however, there is a way to make tamales using corn flour such as Maseca.

The most popular tamales in the USA are indeed the tamales made by our next door neighbors. Mexican tamales are quite popular and most Americans have only had this type of tamal. Truth be told, tamales are popular in pretty much every latin american country. They go by different names such as bollos, humitas and quimbolitos.

To get a good masa, you will need some type of fat added to the mix, otherwise your masa will be very dry. Traditional tamales tend to use lard as a fat because it is very affordable. Most of our recipes however, replace the lard for butter. Because butter is not 100% fat, we can aerate it, which will  give your masa a fluffier texture while preserving moisture.

Masa fresca can be purchased at most Mexican markets. If there are no Mexican markets nearby, you can use corn flour such as Maseca’s Corn Flour or Maseca’s Masa Mix for Tamales. We have an awesome instant masa recipe in the works. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when we publish that recipe.