Wrapping homemade tamales is the part of the process which can sometime frustrate people, specially if they are not used to handing food. I believe that the best way to approach the wrapping of the tamales is to treat it as a party! I mean, you already did the hard work, right? So let the fun times begin!

Since most of your prep work is likely to be done, this is the perfect time to grab a drink, set up your assembly line and gather your wrapping team. Next, we will move onto spreading, filling, tying and most importantly, chatting, telling jokes and catching up on your gossip. I cannot tell you all the jokes, the laughter and interesting gossip that flows freely while wrapping tamales, and the best part is that you are closer to eating them! If you are running a solo tamale making session (hey, sometimes you just HAVE to have a tamale), you can binge watch the latest season of your favorite Netflix show. 

What’s important to understand is that even though this is the more chill and relaxed part of the tamale making process, it is still very important, so here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you have everything you need before you start, so that means, masa ready, fillings, sauces, ties, and of course your favorite drink near by
  • Do not get greedy with the filling, no matter how delicious that pork is, or how much you love cheese, there is such a thing as an overstuffed tamale, make sure there is a good ratio of filling to masa, if you overfill it will be difficult to tell if the masa is cooked, and more than likely some of the filling will slip out.
  • Communication is key, so the team should agree on a size, all your tamales will be steaming together so even size will ensure they will all be done at the same time which makes your life easier, talk to each other and keep a count.
  • Divide and conquer, what I like to do is have a person spread masa, another one cutting twine, another person fills, another one ties, another one is in charge of placing them inside the steamer,  and so on.

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