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Chef Alexa graduated with honors from The Art Institute culinary program on 2010. Since then she has been a chef instructor at Sur la Table and Surfas Culinary District. She is also owner and head chef of AlexaCuisine

Beer Chipotle Braised Chicken Filling

Tips for Braising Here is a very easy and wonderful recipe for pulled chicken. I like to use bone in chicken because it is more flavorful and moist. You can use this recipe for filling tamales but it is also a great recipe by itself. You can use it in tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas [...]

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Poblano Peppers, Corn and Cheese

Tips for Sauteing Here is a quick and delicious filling recipe that you can use to fill tamales. What I love about this recipe besides it's simplicity is the combination of great textures and flavors. The corn is crisp and sweet, the charred poblanos are spicy and smoky and the cheese being melty and [...]

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Tamale Wrapping Techniques

Wrapping homemade tamales is the part of the process which can sometime frustrate people, specially if they are not used to handing food. I believe that the best way to approach the wrapping of the tamales is to treat it as a party! I mean, you already did the hard work, right? So let the fun [...]

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Nutella Hazelnut Tamales

Do you love tamales? Do you love Nutella? So do I! Now, imagine them together! Yes, it is possible. Here it's my favorite Mexican dessert tamale of all time. It's a little creation of mine that I hope you love as much as I do. The best part? it is probably one of the [...]

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Fresh Prepared Masa

Masa for Tamales A tamale can only be as good as it's masa allows it to be. If you have made tamales in the past, and the result was not what you expected, well, this might be the reason.  A good masa for tamales is the foundation for any tamale you are preparing and [...]

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